Brent Beukelaer

Inspired by Nick Drake, Spinvis, Catbug, Boudewijn de Groot, The National, and Lieven Coppieters, Brent Beukelaer creates small unique stories from a universe that is just around the corner. For those who are fed up with the 'real' world, the world of Brent Beukelaer is a more than suitable replacement.

In 2016, Brent became the winner of the prestigious Nekka competition, and in the following year, he performed at events such as the Dranouter Festival, the Depot (supporting Maaike Ouboter), the Arenberg, and the AB Club. The project simmered in the background for a few years, but in 2021, the debut album was released. 'Heen zonder weer' was well-received and is filled with beautiful, evocative songs. Brent's style is poetic and immersive, with every song feeling like a mini-novel, packing a 4-minute song with a story that can linger on in the listeners mind for months. A prime example of this quality is his 2024 single 'Ochtendwekker' which tells a dystopian tale, which gained him multiple features on Belgian and Dutch national radio.

Brent Beukelaer featured on Belgium’s Radio 1’s Belpop with album ‘Ramen Als Ogen’


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In the releaseweek of his second album 'Ramen Als Ogen', Brent Beukelaer was invited to appear on the Belgium radioshow 'Belpop', where he was interviewed about the record. Radio 1 called the album 'Equally entrancing as beautiful'.

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Brent Beukelaer makes waves on Dutch and Belgian radio with ‘Ochtendwekker’


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Brent Beukelaer's single 'Ochtendwakker', which tells a dystopian tale, has gained significant fraction on Dutch and Belgian radio, featuring on Dutch NPO Radio 1 (De Taalstaat with Frits Spits), Radio 5 and Belgian Radio 1.

Brent Beukelaer on NPO Radio 1 De Taalstaat