Mitch Rivers

Push your limits and get lost in Mitch River's, sultry, soft, and colorful melodies. The multi-instrumentalist combines a rootsy sound with fresh R&B, pop, and soul, and invites the listener to join him on a colorful journey to love and self-acceptance.

Rivers is no stranger to the Dutch music scene. After the success of his album "Restless Soul, Heartless City", Rivers returned with his EP 'I AM', shifting the focus to acceptance and love for himself and others. Using uplifting soul, R&B and infectious, danceable hooks as a window to his soul, exploring his own journey towards peace. No matter who you are, everyone deserves to find themselves and love. That's what Mitch Rivers stands for, and what he hopes to inspire in the hearts of everyone who listens. This message shines bright in songs like 'Let U Go' and 'Down The River', both on his latest EP, reaching a wide audience on release.

Mitch Rivers is back with a new sound

Mitch Rivers gains traction with ‘Down The River’


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Mitch Rivers is back after 4 years with the razor-sharp single, Down The River. A gospel song in which Mitch adores life and likes to take you with him. The song was already added to the penguin radio list and is now played on Stenders XXL. With a nice position in Spotify's impactful Stay Tuned list, Mitch is slowly taking his place.

Mitch Rivers

Mitch Rivers is back with razor-sharp in-house production

Mitch Rivers is no stranger to the industry; With his new sound, we really took our time. Down The River is the impetus for this new sound and is currently in the larger playlists.

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