Rising star and pianist Challem scores streaming hit with Settle & Decor

The Dutch pianist, Challem, debut release was followed by several radio performances. He is currently in the biggest playlist and reaches hundreds of thousands of unique listeners per month.

We are involved in the releases of Challem in synergy. In 2 EPs' time, he has gained a huge reach and his music now resonates in the best places. In collaboration with the [Integral] team, we have laid a foundation in the field of streaming, press, and radio. By partnering with Moon Music Studios, Challem can quietly work on new songs in the slipstream of success.

Achieved results

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    By being involved in detail throughout the campaign, we have been successfully working towards hundreds of thousands of listeners per month from the debut single.

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    Press & Radio

    Challem visited NPO Radio 1 & 4 several times during the campaign. Calm Radio, Classic NL, and Luister Magazine also paid attention to the release.

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    The releases have been successfully activated on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Deezer, and YouTube. A strategy, which we have optimized, and activated.

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    Behind the scenes, Challem was able to work on his new album in peace. In collaboration with the Studio, several productions are planned.


“I couldn’t have had this start of my carreer without the help of Télès Music. They changed the way I present myself for the better”


Joachim van Marrewijk

Challem in Spanje