Rosa Butsi

Musical milestones towards an impactful release

The focal point of Rosa Butsi's campaign was allowing time for the music to reach its optimal state. In the lead-up to the album, 27 Tapes fully produced two single releases, each accompanied by videos. Her Spotify following experienced a substantial rise, forming a strong foundation. Besides Spotify, international playlist features on Apple Music, along with niche playlists on Deezer, generated positive traction.

In 2023, the release of multiple singles was kickstarted in playlists such as 'A Walk Alone,' 'Acoustic Winter,' 'Vliegtuigmodus,' and 'Rustig Op Staan' across various Digital Service Providers (DSPs). Two singles were added to the radio playlists of VRT 1 and RTBF in Belgium, with Willy and Studio Brussel also giving the singles airtime.


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    In the run-up to the new album, Rosa Butsi released 2 songs that we worked on with care. Through thorough activation, advertisement, and the right content (27 Tapes) the story is well conveyed.

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    Press & Radio

    Rosa Butsi has a strong live reputation and is well represented on DSPs. From this basis, her releases in the periphery have been well picked up. She was labeled One to Watch by the influential Belpop.

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    Partly due to the right strategy, and the optimization of the base. But above all because of good songs, the singles ended up in matching lists. The music resonates in the right context.

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    By collaborating with Moon Music Studios, we can carefully anticipate the creative boundaries of the project. The production and timing of the songs are perfectly matched to the intended purpose.


"Both 27 Tapes recordings, Magenta and Marigold, are on the album in a different form."

Roos Denaayer

Rosa Butsi

The singles were strategically released to narrate the story in line with the calm vibe of Rosa Butsi’s music, building anticipation for an impactful album release. This was complemented by a precise social strategy, optimization, and advertisement. Two weeks before the release, Rosa Butsi announced her tour, including a headline show with Noa Lee at AB in Brussels. To sustain momentum, she did a Wonderland session at VRT1.

The album release was celebrated by sending fruit baskets to all supporters. The album secured prominent store placements on DSPs, and through a solid physical setup via [PIAS], CDs, and LPs were available widely. Promotional efforts by the sales team provided the album with a necessary kickstart, with stores in the Benelux territory actively ordering, making the album available online worldwide. Rosa Butsi also did an Instore at BXL Central.

In Belgium, a strong promotional alliance resulted in numerous press articles, with the highlight being the Focus Knack article featuring fellow label artist Noa Lee. The six-piece article emphasized friendship and the shared commitment to creating heartfelt music, making it a notable feature in one of Belgium’s most influential magazines. All prominent press outlets acclaimed the music, including 4 stars in Het Nieuwsblad and Dansende Beren, alongside great reviews in De Standaard and HBVL.

To extend the campaign, Rosa Butsi recorded several ‘acoustic’ versions in the Moon Studio as a present for the commitment of fans, and it is resonating across platforms at this moment.