Atmospheric pop music written by bassist Sophie van Schaik. Or rather, excerpts from the diary of mother and musician Sophie. Melodic and fragile. Visual and sometimes fraught. But above all full of love. Loaded by the story. The story Sophie was finally able to write down when it came out in a storm of melodies.

Sophie has always been active as a live and studio bass player and backing vocalist. She played with Diggy Dex, Jacqueline Govaert and Eefje de Visser. She studied at the Rock Academy of Tilburg and the Conservatory of Maastricht. After the birth of her son, she stayed in the Ronald McDonald Huis Maastricht for a longer period after which she was triggered to write about her experience. The result: EP 'Hartenlief'. Five tender and intimate Dutch pop songs that are marked by immersive storytelling and intricate melodies and harmonies. Lyrically, the EP explores motherly love, desire for the 'regular', as well as the struggle with worry and insecurity.

Sophie shares 27 Tape "Ruis"

Sophie included in Equal playlist on Spotify


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After several playlists such as IndiepuntNL, Made in NL, Mooi Nederlands, the new single Zonden by Sophie has been added to the Equal playlist on Spotify.

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Sophie debuts with first singles in Dutch

With 4 singles, Sophie has laid the foundation for what is to come. A beautiful in-house production where there is a lot to discover. In the meantime, a 27 Tapes session has been recorded and several songs are in playlists.

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